Provedoria TIAC

Support for whistleblowers is central to the work of Transparency and Integrity.

What do we do?

We support people reporting cases of corruption and poor governance, providing advice about how to formulate complaints to the competent judicial authorities, and follow up the most sensitive cases.

What do we do?

  • Judicial advice and representation (legal fees)
  • Communicate with whistleblowers discovered on social media
  • Intervene in cases that go to court

Como denunciar?

Email is not a safe way to submit complaints, because all email communications are registered on more than one server/computer, and can be intercepted (and read by third parties).

To ensure that reports are submitted in the safest possible environment, we have the support of Hermes Center for Digital and Human Rights of the GlobalLeaks system.

The protection of whistleblowers is guaranteed on this platform.
We recommend instale o browser Tor. You can access the whistleblower platform via the url http://cipwivpqpkn2fayb.onion